MILICA STANKOVI Registered Massage Therapist at DUndas Physiotherapy & Massage Mississauga

Milica Stankovic, Registered Massage Therapists

Milica Stankovic

Milica is a graduate of the Humber College’s Massage Therapy program and she is a licensed Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Milica’s passion for her work stems from her love of healing the human body and desire to help all clients reach their full potential. In her field of work, she uses massage therapy as a tool to advance both the physical and mental realms in the patients’ lives.

Milica believes that her repertoire of knowledge has the ability to address an array of challenges, from physical recovery and stress release to fostering overall relaxation for the entire body.

As a licensed massage therapists, Milica understands that the experiences and circumstances of the patients are nuanced, therefore she always strives to conceptualize an individualized analysis of each client and to provide the best therapeutic treatments when targeting patients’ specific needs.

Milica’s goal is to facilitate a safe and comfortable environment for each and every one of the patients, where she can help them reach their maximum potential, whether that involves aiding in their physical recovery from injuries or helping them restore their natural balance by reducing or eliminating any stress or pain that creates barriers from living a healthy and high-quality life.

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