Ravi Patel Physiotherapist at 427 Dundas Physiotherapy Mississauga and Etobicoke

Ravi Patel​, PT, Physiotherapist

Ravi Patel

Ravi has a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from India and he is currently a registered Physiotherapist in Ontario.

He is a certified specialist in Soft Tissue Release Techniques including treatment of low back, hips, neck, shoulders and extremities.

Ravi’s keen interest in sports helps him understand & treat sports injuries thoroughly He has completed Part A of the The Robert McKenzie Institute Postgraduate Program of Study: The Lumbar Spine-Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MTD).

Ravi has also gained experience not only effectively treating sports clients, but also treating clients for orthopedic and neurological conditions, work (WSIB) and motor vehicle (MVA) related injuries.

Ravi’s philosophy of effective treatment includes diagnosing and treating the primary cause and addressing chief complaints simultaneously. Ravi is a big advocate of partnering with the patient in the goal setting process. His therapeutic plan includes manual therapy, soft tissues techniques, kinesio taping, electrical modalities and active exercise rehab. He strongly believes in educating patients about their conditions for preventing future re-occurrences and promoting wellness.

Ravi is a cricket and volleyball player. He also enjoys yoga, meditation and reading books to keep mind, body and spirit healthy.

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